Why donate?

Because you give something In 1st instance, but you end up getting a lot more back.
You're going to feel a better and richer man if you help another (in need)!

Tough times for us all

The whole world has, of course, been hit hard by the pandemic in 2020, but in Namibia it is hitting extra hard because the majority of the population depends on the tourism that has completely collapsed.

Moreover, the Namibian government support measures are not comparable to those offered in Europe as aid.

In Namibia it is often a matter of life or death!

When you consider that you can keep an adult alive for €1 per day, it's just obvious.


And especially if you consider how much money we are spending in Europe consciously and unconsciously on nonsense and hidden costs (e.g. bank charges).

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we're all social beings and social beings take care of each other. When you help someone, you feel good and you're proud of yourself. By helping others, you help not only them, but also yourself.

Don't leave your fellow men to their fate, but also give them a future. So please donate an amount according to your own capacity. It is vital for a large group of people in Namibia!

Way Of Donating

You can donate to us both by name and anonymously.

If you share your name, adress, place of residence and email with us, we can include your details in our further initiatives, e.g. when choosing a special donor.

For us, the method of donating makes no difference.
Above all, do what you feel comfortable with.

On behalf of us

Thank you very much for your contribution.
Or in Namibian: BAIE DANKIE!
Marie José Pluijmakers

We can't help everyone,
but anyone can help someone